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I am not sure what to do together with his behavior

He is very anxious all the time- the guy hits/ rips his fingernails, shakes whenever things try not to go his method which is merely with the border. Small things build your burst. He has got perhaps not got activities at school features a grades, it is really unorganized and you may scatter-brained. They are an enthusiastic overachiever that will be very hard with the themselves.

Our very own child are five years old, this has been thirty day period that he features upset bursts, getting really small things “stay precisely at the front end, might fall right back” “zero, we don’t score another ice cream” “it’s time to go homeward regarding the park”

Talking to him, when he are calm: the guy seems disappointed, the guy apologies, but the guy usually do not describe. “it wooplus is because I don’t like your.” otherwise “it is because you shout within me”.

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