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2 Are Guys Nervous About Asking Someone Out?

These days, when we meet a new couple or hear that a friend has found love, there’s one question on our mind: did they meet online or via a dating app? A few years ago, that would have been a strange question, but now it’s super normal. We’ve all asked ourselves whether all guys want to online date or if some of them are open to meeting someone the old-fashioned way. Most of us have most likely online dated, but if we’re still single, we might prefer meeting people through work or friends.

“In real life, people are much more realistic about their chances and tend to go for people of about the same level. In real life, it’s much easier to make an impression with your personality than it is on local hookup Wichita Falls TX dating sites.”

3 Do Guys Still Want To Meet Girls IRL?

As it turns out, yes, guys do still want to meet girls IRL, and as this Reddit post suggests, there are some good reasons for that. This guy totally sums up how tough online dating can be. We don’t always know how to make our personality stand out when we’re messaging or chatting with someone, and we might get rejected by someone for silly reasons. That just wouldn’t happen IRL.

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