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Snapsext also offers you with the great feature to video chatting from within site

Till now you must be thinking that this is just another offset online dating site, with it only going feature being that it is like Snapchat. You are happily mistaken! That means that you can meet your online “friends” face to face and converse and get kinky.

Signing-up for Snapsext as easy as can be. You are asked about your gender, email address, and some other site relevant questions and you are done. For people who want to do this stuff secretly, you can make your profile discreet with an option of the same name in the profile settings, only people in your friend’s list will be able to see your explicit content. Then there is also an option called “Hot or Not”, similar to that of tinder to know what you find attractive. Then you are displayed content similar to that. You can also search and with or without filters to shorten your range or results.


You will be delighted to know that Snapsext gives you the first week as a gold trial member and then you can subscribe to use it further. There are Gold and Silver memberships with the gold, with the gold being much preferred.


Snapsext is an adult sexting site, which is rather high priced.

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