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Funds for work, along these lines are provided for I by the Allied Jewish Campaign

“Much more needs to be done in this particular field for the Jewish youth of East Europe, helpless in’ the face of the new economic de- I velopments. Work shops where I they may become proficient in the use of tools, in the handling of mass-production machinery, sup- plying such shops with the neces- I equipment and materials, ar- ranging for apprenticeships-these are among the things that are necessary if the Jewish youth of ‘ Europe is to be enabled to become self-supporting.

killed in the Tel Hai riots. Brought , here to talk for the Pioneer Wo men’s Organization, she said, “This year we have a new message for you Americans. We no longer ask you to collect money, to hold meetings, and discuss Palestine. Now we are making room in our settlements for you. We want you to come there and work with us.” The cable from the British Labor party to the convention said, “We are profoundly disturbed that our Jewish friends in Palestine and abroad should even for a moment doubt our sympathy with their ideal to establish a Jewish National Homeland in Palestine.

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