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Borrow, Lend, Rent, Use – English Vocabulary and Usage

Aww… I didn’t got 100% because of the last question xD ahaha… very good lesson! keep like that! I understand a lot your lessons, I feel that since I met this place my understanding of english has totally improved and my listening too ^^ your doing a great job

really title loans in Alabama…i enjoyed the lesson and i understood very well.just,some times,i can’t hear well,because the teacher lauph as the same time when she teach…and we can’t listen the end of her words.but,in general….you’re doing a great work!!

Is it same “Rent” by meaning, if you think as the money is a thing, the interest is a the meney for the rent and they both need to return. But I think only one thing is different. “Loan” is used for money or Bank right? I’m not sure, just try to make a definiton. Thank you Oud

‘rent’ can be a noun and a verb! – I owe my landlord the rent. (noun) Or a verb – “I rented a car!”

hey Ronnie i am fouad from egypt speak arabic i want to know speak english good but just want someone help me know this

WOOOWWWW . I have answered all the quiz except last one the tricky question of shakespear … to sum you .The was an effective lesson … thanks allot Ronnie.

Hi teacher I didn’t get 100% your quiz, because I did wrong last question, really …funny and enjoy your teach, I hope so you keep like that, I understood very well. thanks for your class.

Hi I’m Oud in ChiangMai, Thailand I’d like to ask you a question, In case the word “Loan”

Lease is like a contract or agreement. We usually have a one-year lease to rent an apartment. This is a legal contract that says you will live in the apartment for one year.

Hi, Thanks for your help, I m only listening because is very very nice, thanks so much for your time. And pacience hec

Hi lady I`m from Egypt, I like your teaching method,Thank you very much to lend us your experiences.How can difference between advice and advise?

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