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A guide to secure sexting: Tips send nude pictures in place of destroying everything, field and you can character

Police features pursued – recklessly, in a few recent times – the brand new founders and senders away from underage sexts. Mothers have cringed more every the new adolescent sexting scandal. And you will disapproving puritans the nation more than have tut-tutted the ladies, and frequently guys, whoever decreasing photos end up published on the web having spying sight.

Sexting – the new questionably slutty habit of giving naked photo away from oneself so you can lovers/Facebook followers/scandalized mothers – isn’t exactly recognized because of its feel

There clearly was no doubt about it: sexting is actually a dangerous, diminishing, indiscreet business. However, even though, training advise that one in four adult portable-pages do it – which is a solid dispute, we believe, to own tut-tutting faster and you may educating a whole lot more.

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