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Analysis: New Panthers would be sweat on their star halfback Nathan Cleary shortly after he underwent neck procedures in the regarding-year

Cleary said from inside the November that he is actually aiming for a circular 1 in order to Bullet 3 get back however, “there is absolutely no rush.” We have pencilled him in to start the year but if coach, along with his father, Ivan chooses to carry it sluggish, it’s going to be the newest generate Sean O’Sullivan going in to change your. Just after undertaking past seasons with the wing and then getting axed, Charlie Staines is expected to locate another opportunity having Stephen Crichton progressing back once again to his indigenous middle role shortly after Paul Momirovski’s deviation. More youthful firearm Izack Tago is tipped to change Matt Burton for the the fresh centers, while flexible right back Taylan elizabeth Kikau will also return to the newest carrying out cluster just after to try out an explosive role from the table later last season. Dylan Edwards and James Fisher-Harris was back once again to complete exercise just after holding injuries inside the latest huge finally.

Complete squad: Eddie Blacker (2022), Nathan Cleary (2024), Religious Crichton (2022), Stephen Crichton (2023), Dylan Edwards (2022), Matt Eisenhuth (2022), Kurt Drops (2022), James Fisher-Harris (2026), J’maine Hopgood (2022), Robert Jennings (2022), Mitch Kenny (2024), Viliame Kikau (2022), Apisai Koroisau (2022), Spencer Leniu (2023), Moses Leota (2024), Jarome Luai (2024), Liam ), Jaeman Salmon (2022), Chris Smith (2022), Lindsay Smith (2022), Scott Sorensen (2023), Charlie Staines (2023), Izack Tago (2023), Brian To’o (2023), Isaah Yeo (2024)

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