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We had a good dinner with him and his family then a nice little visit afterwards

It was really good but then right after I had to meet elder Jones at Roberts for another dinner

His son just got back from his mission in the Philippines and his other son leaves in a month for Italy. He shared with us some news that makes me bummed that this is probably my last transfer here in North Sac. At the end of January Gladys Knight and her choir are, for the first time ever, returning to a stake she has already performed at. It was so successful to missionary work last time she wants to do it again! I am bummed I will probably miss it. But man is that going to be cool. After dinner we did something that I can’t remember then we went home.

Thursday we had a good District meeting. Our district leaders are great and we have a lot of good additions to the zone. Everyone seems to be on board with obedience and with the plans we have for the zone. We are super excited. After lunch we did stuff. I don’t have my planner so I am going off of memory and since this week was crazy and not normal I don’t remember much. I remember what we did actually. We tazing. We taught Roberta and Serenity, then we went and te to church last week out of the blue and we had a great lesson with her. Our ward mission leader is awesome too! He came to our appointments with us and when we were at Megan’s she was telling us about the dilemma she was having.

Her Saturday babysitter got a job and now works Saturdays so for the past month the baby sitter has been leaving Megan’s 18 month old child, Hector, with her boyfriend and then working at her job so she could get paid twice as much

Megan was not going to stand for that.

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