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‘Am I OK?’ Review: Dakota Johnson Charms Her Way Through a New Kind of Sex Comedy

Sundance: Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s feature directorial debut is a warm-hearted comedy that feels relatable, even when getting very specific indeed.

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Mid-way through Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne’s warm-hearted feature directorial debut “Am I OK?,” stars Dakota Johnson and Sonoya Mizuno, playing long-time BFFs in the middle of a crisis, take part in the kind of knockdown, drag-out argument that only people who really love each other could have. The expletives fly fast, the needling remarks about sensitive subjects come quick, and absolutely no one leaves the fight happy. It’s the sort of experience anyone who has a best friend is likely familiar with, though the details of how and why Lucy (Johnson) and Jane (Mizuno) are arguing are very specific, the result is immediately recognizable, understandable, and heartbreaking.

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