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Cisco routers possess around three ways of representing passwords on the setup document

Out of weakest so you can strongest, it become clear text message, Vigenere security, and you may MD5 hash formula. Clear-text message passwords is actually portrayed for the people-viewable style. The Vigenere and MD5 encoding strategies unknown passwords, however, for every has its own weaknesses and strengths.

Vigenere As opposed to MD5

The main difference in Vigenere and you can MD5 is the fact Vigenere are reversible, if you are MD5 isn’t. Getting reversible makes it easier getting an attacker to split the security and obtain this new passwords. Are unreversible ensures that an attacker need to play with much slower brute force speculating symptoms in an effort to obtain the passwords.

Preferably, all router passwords might use good MD5 encryption, however the method specific standards, particularly Man and you will PAP, work, routers should certainly decode the first password to do verification. That it have to decode particular passwords means that Cisco routers will continue using reversible security for most passwords-about up until including verification protocols try rewritten otherwise replaced.

Clear-Text message Passwords

Chapter 3 sets passwords playing with line passwords, local login name passwords, together with permit miracle command. A tv series focus on has got the pursuing the:

The highlighted areas of the setup are the passwords. Note that all the passwords, but brand new allow secret code, can be found in clear text message. So it clear text presents a critical security risk.

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