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There were multiple significance regarding “homosexual face,” in addition to this derogatory doozy:

I enjoy the latest Urban Dictionary since it captures mans facts and you can use of phrases and words separate of the actual meaning; it is therefore as often a measure away from individual mindset since it try a good compendium out-of jargon.

“Men, constantly gay, with a distinctly effete facial build with some most certain provides; a strong jawline [sic] that lacks prominence, space involving the eyes one recall people with down disorder [sic], and you can a slanting, much time temple.”

I happened to be interested sufficient about Rule’s findings to look up “homosexual face” throughout the Urban Dictionary, a well-known Web site which provides everyday, user-discussed significance out of informal (will crass) sayings

Now, one an individual’s as an alternative dumb and you can sensationalized-even politically suspect-as there are no scientific evidence meant for these types of claims regarding “mongoloid” top features of homosexual men’s face.

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The way it is getting Matchmaking Boys inside their ’60s

For these reasons and others, my good friend Megan O’Brien, a profitable girl in her own right because inventor out of the new income agencies Beauty Brander, nearly solely dates boys in their 1960s and you may elderly.

We recently attended a wedding inside Palm Springs together, an adore affair with pool events, fireworks, and you will a service during the Kingdom Polo Pub where they host the new Coachella tunes event.

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