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Thanks for all your comments and advise – it has really set about a righteous sexual revolution in my marriage!

Hey guys I love the website…I am SO GLAD I found this. I really enjoy sex with DH and we work at manintaining great communication and sex. My DH is an travels alot (corporate pilot) and a freind from church that I play tennis with asked “are you ever afraid he will cheat while traveling?” I told her and absolute NO. She asked why and romance tale mobile I explained that we email and talk daily….plus sex happens before he goes and when he gets home. She made this “AGRRRHHH” sound and roled her eyes and said ” I can’t belive you do that, how can you stand having sex that much?” and she went into a huge rant about it being a chore and she trys to avoid advances at much as possible. …however I feel sorry for them…. Sorry to be so long….love the site and thanks for the good work. God Bless. Shell

Well, it’s about TIME!! I’ve been saying for the longest that the church needs to stop acting like sex within marriage is boring! To stop frontin’ like they don’t secretly want to get their groove on! I’m a firm believer that missionary-style isn’t the ONLY position out there. I’m about to get married to the man of God and I intend to rock that man ’til he yells TITHE on our wedding night. Halleujah for your blog and keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m glad that I found this website. Now I can spice up my sex life with my husband without having to resort to pornography on the internet. It’s nice to know that as a woman I can enjoy sex and learn about different ways to experiment without feeling guilty about it.

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