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The first thing you will observe when you discover GroupMail is actually a the fresh new lookup

Slimmer, Fresh, Sharper

GroupMail six looks different, however, everything you are acclimatized to watching in GroupMail has been there, it is simply thinner, smaller messy and easier to obtain. What you like however, vacuum cleaner, fresh and a lot more intuitive – it’s also built to make it easier to work with the most important thing, having a clear view of texts, organizations and record.

  • Editor
  • Teams

GroupMail six is ideal, quicker, clearer, simpler, and you will wiser. Area of the navigation eating plan is remodeled so you can highlight the key features particularly Messages, Organizations, Arranging, Tracking and much more.

The fresh editor once more features the main issue particularly junk e-mail take a look at, mix areas additionally the the new Microsoft OneDrive Support. Discover now along with a primary relationship to support service privately in the GroupMail Editor, for getting the support you might need, when you really need.

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