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It does not make an effort to exchange well-known messaging apps, but rather to provide an alternative, secure route to possess confidential conversations

Aligned for anyone who wants to be sure that its talks was left private and you may favors a great deal more coverage over adore has actually.


All of our objective were to would a private speak program that can be used safely more than inspected infrastructures to ensure that discussions can not be retrieved even if the machine could have been captured or certainly one of the participants might have been expected.

We have authored an alternate solution which does not require any sort of analysis stores and you can helps to ensure that messages can not be decrypted even with the complete expertise in the newest servers articles, system subscribers, and you will considering magic passwords.


Real-time messaging – Every piece of data is exchanged instantly within parties; you’ll find nothing queued otherwise kept, even for an individual next.

The way it operates

The client app establishes good WebSocket (more TLS) contact with the brand new chat machine.

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