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You’re too young for a serious relationship anyway

Then he starts in with the badgering. “If you weren’t interested, why did you accept a drink? If you’re so happy with your boyfriend then why are you out here? Don’t you know he’s probably cheating on you since he’s alone? ..” I finally had it when he said “Look at your sister over there, she’s so sexual and men love her. You should be like that, people would like you better.”

Then the weirdest thing happened. In that moment I turned invisible. Like his eyes glazed over and I ceased to exist and he just wandered away to a new group of girls. As soon as he finally gave up trying to get in my pants, I wasn’t even a person anymore. Our hour plus of laughing together and sharing about our lives I took as a genuine human connection meant literally nothing. I was just someone maybe he could bully into fucking.

It sucks being reduced to an object after you think someone actually found you interesting and funny or whatever.

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