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So You Wanna Get Your Butt Fucked? How to Train for Anal Sex

Training and stretching your ass takes practice and patience. Whether you want to have anal sex, use bigger dildos, or you simply enjoy feeling stretched, the same principles apply. Follow these guidelines and you’ll cry out in pleasure rather than pain.

1. For anal beginners, a good rule of thumb is to start with a 1?-1.25? diameter plug. But if you want a more exact idea of what size you should begin with, play with your fingers. Lube them up, see how many you can fit in your butt, then measure their circumference. Divide your measurement by pi and choose a plug with a diameter as close to this as possible.

2. I recommend sizing up in increments of up to 1? in circumference, or 0.25?-0.3? in diameter. This should give you a challenging, yet fun and doable stretch.

If you attempt an increment much bigger than this, either it won’t go in or you’ll hurt yourself. If you try a smaller increment, you may find it too easy and too similar to your previous toy.

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