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After sex, a cuddle session is mandatory

He will open his arms so you can lay your head on his chest or use both of his arms to pull you in as close as he can. Cuddling will make the entire thing more special and more loving.

Even when you don’t have sex, he will stay the night

Of course, one who genuinely cares for you won’t show up at your door and keep you company just when sex is involved.

When you are on your period, sick or for any reason unwilling to have sex, he will be by your side just the same, cuddling and snuggling all night long.

You are more vulnerable

Making love means letting somebody in. It means giving your heart and soul to another person, which is always very risky and not everyone is ready to do that.

But what is worth the risk if not love? Being vulnerable when it comes to making love-that’s actually a good thing.

There is no acting, just complete honesty

For example, you might become submissive, things might get rough and you might give in to your animalistic nature more than your human one- which is also more than OK and can be quite fun if you are into it but it’s not making love in its essence.

Sweet talk vs. dirty talk

It’s just the way it goes and it can really increase arousal if both of you are on the same page.

On the other hand, making love is HelloHotties something completely different. It uses sweet, kind, loving words to increase intimacy and make you more aroused at the same time.

Although saying, “I love you,” is the first thing that comes to mind, there are also other sentences like “OMG you are so beautiful/handsome,” or, “I like those big muscular arms of yours,” or, “ Your kisses are amazing,” and so on.

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