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Vlad Drakov was swift to take virtue; by the pursuing the day, pushes regarding Lekar and you will Aeire besiege the town

Months later, this new Prince of Vladantilan try assassinated exactly as a good delegation away from Dementlieu starts its survey of your own fledgling nation. His killers try purported to had been Falkovnian representatives, even though the paranoid one of Dementlieu’s gentry strongly recommend the new massacre during the Silberkopf might have been accomplished by agencies in the delegation by itself. The new defenders build token opposition once the remaining troops of Vladantilan vanish. The newest massacre is complete, the sole surivivors of the size impalements you to definitely follow getting the individuals enslaved and you may dragged into Central Prison.

Of your resistance leadership the brand new Basilisk and you can Gondegol, there’s absolutely no indication, and you may rumor says they fled the latest butchery and you can alive to fight a later date.

Kartakass: Brand new Meistersinger Race on city of Chebney are tossed towards chaos if the favourite so you can unseat Meistersinger Geva Otte, Jan Leerman, vanishes before competing. From the competition one to employs, Meistersinger Otte are revealed because of the a ring from intrepid adventurers as a monster into the individual guise, and you will killed by the those who work in attendance. Leerman is positioned dead, appropriate, and fault is placed within feat of killed Meistersinger.

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