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She wasn’t in fact a woman-next-door; Lena Meyer-Landrut alternatively frequently originated in mildly commendable ancestry

She, not, did actually believe she is actually Lily Von Allen, provided her general adoption of your English singer’s mockney image. ‘Satellite’ was therefore a riot: it discovers her mangling the song’s English and you can delivering oddly flirtatious outlines as though the woman is thoroughly oblivious to their definition. “I got myself the fresh new undergarments, it blue,’ she sings early when you look at the good bewilderingly unsexy, pidgin trend, just before incorporating prosaically, aided by the sexy beauty of an effective Victorian asia toy, “And i dressed in ’em only the other day”. Later, she confesses at the same time, “I even painted my personal toenails to you personally/ Used to do it a week ago”, and it’s the tiny squeal regarding excitement inside her sound that tends to make this lady results very dear – in the place of extremely adolescent pop music stars, whoever sex try overstated and you can rooked, Lena is totally unselfconscious, while the song’s simple chastity in turn feels entirely credible.

This is brand new sound regarding a little lady pretending becoming a grown-up, unlike a small girl being required to become an enthusiastic adult. One she carried out the word ‘day’ as though they was indeed ‘die’, and was advising us you to she’d kept with the ‘pork light’ (rather than the deck white) just weren’t reasons why you should make fun of during the her.

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