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When you are OWL isn’t a clearly anarchist venture, particular anarchists has expected similar options

It purpose was at least partly the subject of a keen anarchist experiment during the early twentieth century. Cohen and you may people in anarcho-syndicalist communities off locations of the Eastern Us, mainly based the Dawn Co-operative Farm, instituting this new cumulative ownership and you can management of home regarding 1933-38 when you look at the Michigan and you may away from upcoming up to 1940 when you look at the Virginia (Reichert 525-526). Such as Cohen, you will find modern-day anarchists which believe good prefigurative politics of your own it is possible to is required to prove new practicality off the next anarchist land tenure. “Things such as this won’t changes people overnight” writes one to English anarchist from communes, “but tend to at the least opened some extent of freedom from industrial area, can be play the role of a basis getting upcoming strategies and – most importantly – could become most fun.” (GA june/93)

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