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How exactly to Prevent an ex boyfriend Off Cracking Into your Membership

Within this week’s technical-service column , I am using up an embarrassing material: Ideas on how to win back control over your own profile from a not any longer-so-form ex. I hope their former friend isn’t really an entire psychopath-or, at the very least, isn’t a psychopath who has got usage of the profile-but it is a nearly all-too-familiar story. Your home is with anybody, your show the expectations plus goals, and they find a way to go into your own account. (That, or if you display log on credentials, which is a fairly bad idea, also.)

Just before I start, one to small out: Although Lifehacker clients sent myself plenty of issues to try out in future posts-thank you for you to definitely!-We spotted this particular article a short time in the past in my favorite-actually subreddit, /r/legaladvice, and that i wouldn’t get it off my personal head. Involved, the writer writes:

“[My ex-husband] has constantly hacked to the my personal phone, emails, performs users, and you can social networking. I then found out there were more than 50 hidden software to the a beneficial previous mobile i couldnt look for and take away from.

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